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Our insight from each of the change projects we were involved in has always been the same: when it comes to change, leaders’ instinct is to speak to employees' logic, but people will only change when approaching their emotions.

We learned that successful change is a result of communicating a clear change scope, allowing all those involved to take part creating the implementation plan. We have seen that the more people feel they have been given a true opportunity to take part in shaping the change, the greater is their commitment and the lower is their potential resistance.

We understand change is a way of life and not a single event. We offer innovative and unconventional ways to manage change, adjusted with complexity. We apply behavioral design models, as studies show that people change when it is clear to them what behaviors are expected of them and we use viral change methods, knowing people will be willing to adopt others’ behavior if they consider these others as authentic and trustworthy.

בואו להתנסות בסימולציה הממוחשבת שלנו לניהול שינוי

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