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Despite the challenges it poses, the complexity around us is not chaotic. In fact, there are many effective managerial tools - different from the traditional ones. We offer a variety of solutions to help our clients tackle complexity and incorporate tools and techniques for decision making under uncertainty and assure effective execution in a dynamic environment.

We have developed a unique program for managers – Managing Within Complexity. We explain complexity in simple words and focus its implications on the managerial role. We teach leaders how to analyze complex situations and apply the right tool or technique to tackle them.

Complexity is our area of expertise. Back in 2008 Yaron has led his first complexity approach-based project and since then we have acquired a reputation as experts in complexity

management. We have extensive practical experience in projects in which we have implemented aspects of complexity mgmt.

מוזמנים ללמוד עוד על כלי ניהול תרחישים

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