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Audience and Lecturer


Our annual conference is a brand. conference  Different in the landscape of professional conferences in the field of organizational consulting. It  Say customers and participants. At our conferences we try to talk about the latest and the contemporary in broad contexts and from different directions.

Guy Rolnik from Media-Marker spoke to us about the implications of social protest on organizations and companies. Oren Nahari, the foreign editor of Channel One, gave a perspective on complexity from a geopolitical angle, Adam Polczak, a publicist, gave an instructive lecture on the benefits of   Telling the truth (in publication), the trendologist Adi Yoffe connected disciplines and presented  The mindset of the working people and how it affects  On the connection between the employee and the organization, Dave Snowden - one of the leading consultants in the world of complexity - spoke to us about sunmaking.

Our conference is held once a year between the end of winter and the beginning of spring and attracts over a hundred senior professionals in the field of human resources and organizational development.



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